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Electrostatic Coating System

Ayra N 801

Ayra N 801Ayra N 801Model
DIPOLE™ - Electrostatic Powder Coating System-

Product Profile :-

Powder spray system AYRA N 801 uses latest digital electronics and high frecquency inverter technology and has in built short circuit protection & automatic power control system. Miniature power pack & high voltage system is fitted within the gun for maximum efficiency & ease of operation.

1. Best charging is ensured by special insulated electrode fitted inside the nozzle, giving the highest charging efficiency.
2. Modular construction for easy repairs and maintenance in rare cased of break-down.
3. Set of deflectors/pattern setters to keep the charging edge clean.
4. Feathertouch trigger for fatigue free-operation.
5. In case of accidental contadt of gun tip with article being coated voltage drops to zero, however unit will not be switched off. Take back the gun and start coating.
6. Negligible Faraday cage effect.

Technical Specification:

Max. HV Output           - 80KV (-ve) , Max. 125 µAmp Current.
Powder Output           - 30 Kg/Hr. Nominal at 75 ibs Max.
Air Pressure           - 7.5 bar (Kg) Pressure -
Operation           - 5.0 bar (Kg)
Voltage / Frequency      - 220/240 V, 1?, 50 Hz.
Electricity Consumption      - 50 VA at upto 100 KV-ve
Powder Hopper Capacity      - 15 Kg.
Powder Pipe      - 5 Mts.
Spray Pattern      - Variable to suit work