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Belt Conveyor

AS 510Curing Oven with Belt Conveyor.
Application :- For Curing, Drying , Ageing, Preheating etc. in Painting shops, Automotive Filters, Brake/Clutch Plates, Plastic material components - ABS - TV Cabinets, PCB , Motor & Transformers, Light (Auto-Domestic) Industry,

Design features: -
Belt conveyor with roller drive at one end and screw type tension unit at the both the ends.
. The drive consists of reduction gearbox, drive motor and sprocket and chain type mechanism to drive the roller.
. Speed control with achieved by AC frequency drive/ fix speed drive as per application.
. Conveyor bed is manufactured by using suitable sheet metal and structural steel.
. On the return side of the belt suitable no. of idle rollers are provided for support.
. The type of belt is selected as per application.

HEATING SOURCE - ELECTRICAL / Diesel Fired / Gas-Fired Electrical :-
Heating elements are used Rod type, strip type etc. -
Diesel/Gas Fired :- Heat exchanger (In-Direct) transfers hot air into the oven.
Imported burners of Diesel/Gas generates heat in the heat exchanger.
Cost effective method of heating comparative to Electrical.

Oven enclosure is fabricated in no of independent modules joined together at site. Each module is triple walled and fabricated on angle iron structure and properly reinforced. Outer and inner walls are made of thick gauge mild steel sheet and outer surface painted with silver Grey hammer-tone and inner with high temperature aluminum paints. Between the two walls of each module rock wool is filled in at the density of 96kg/m with thickness of 100 mm. This insulation is sandwich type having male Female joint to minimize the air leakage.

Circulation from top to bottom with blowers, V-belt motor driven. Adjustable Damper for fumes exhaust.