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Booth with Recovery System

Double Sided

AS 510All sheet panels of 18gauge GI sheet assembled with nut bolts. Booth will stand on angle iron frame. The air containing powder is exhauste out of the booth and enters Cyclone chamber where the powder particles are thrown to the cyclone wal!s and then drop in to powder collecting Hopper.

Painted by enamel epoxy coated so that the booth does not attract powder on the walls. The booth are usable for manual mono rail c nveyor applications also by providing suitable cutout on either side of the booth to uit component coming in on the conveyor tracks.

  1. Powder recovery: Cyclone recovery system ensures extremely high IJevels of powder recovery.

  2. Faster Colour Change: The Bottom of the Booth prevents accumulation lof the powder and makes it very easy for cleaning and quick Colour change.

  3. Efficiency & Utilizations: Due to octagonal shape of chamber air currents ir side the Booth are directed towards the article, leading to high first-pass effifiency. (The result maximum utilization of powder.)

  4. High Safety Standards: Air velocities are regulated to meet internationall pollution Control norms and are maintained at Lowest Explosive Level.

  5. Powder Spray Booth Cum Recovery System : for recovery and subsequent reuse of over sprayed powder. The recovery system may be Cyclone or Filter-cartridge.

  6. Curring Oven : normally operating between 180 C to 220 C. This may be electrical or oil fired.

  1. Booth frame is manufactured in 40x5 mm angle Iron.

  2. Inner side of booth is painted with super white anq outer side with royal blue.

  3. Two sets of cyclone one each booth with powder c~lIection hopper and manual sucking back filter.

  4. Powder sucking blower with 3HPx2 with 2800rpm motor.

  5. Blower capacity 2500 CFM x 2nos.

  6. Side opening for material entry/ exit.

  7. No of operators two.

  8. Illumination 2 x 80 watts.