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Hot Water Generators Pretreatment

Designed as per Water/Chemical Heating Load.
Heating systems for Chemicals Treatments (Suitable for 250 to 70°C) The horizontal Hot water generator project regards a new generation of sliding temperature boilers with particularly reduced dimensions, in which the systematic use of new technologies relative to combustion and the electronic control of the burner - boiler systems permit maximum reliability, with very high performances energy savings and control of noise and polluting emissions.

Hot water are being circulating in the tanks through SS/Titanium pipes with the help of water pump & each heating tank is fitted with auto water cut supplier as soon the temp. is achieved & maintains tank temp. automatically.

Why to use hot water generator ? / Utility / Advantage
• Centralized Heating System
• Systematic temperature control for individual tanks / Digitally controlled
• Most reliable & efficient for heating 'n' nos. of tanks
• Exceptional Safety features
• Suitable for Pretreatment Line & Electro Plating Line (with Titanium Pipes)
• Help in achieving mass production


The generator is fitted fully automatic combustion equipment arranged for MODULING type, or ON/OFF, High/Low/Off, control. The Burner is arranged for electric ignition equipment, forced draught fan and drive motor. The burner will incorporate a photoelectric cell (oil) or Ionization/Ultra Violet cell (Gas) flame equipment.

The Generator is fitted with a centrifugal pump for ISI make driven by an electric motor with a guard. All components are mounted upon a mild steel base frame. The pump can be supplied with Mechanical seal instead of standard graph oil gland packing.

All integral wiring is completed at your works before dispatch. Starters, Control replays, Timers and main Isolator are situated in a dust and damp proof cabinet, located on the left hand side of Generator base frame. The panel is factory wired to the various electrical components mounted on the Generator and burner.

Safety devices
The generator is supplied with the following safety devices:
. Safety Valve.
. Excess flue gas temperature thermostat.
. Flame failure photocell.
. High outlet temperature controller.