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Liquid Paint Booth


DOWNDRAFT SPRAY PAINTING BOOTHS are available in many models.

(A) Downdraft Dry Back Type
(B) Downdraft Wet Type Down Draft Booth
(C) Downdraft Pit type i.e. collection tank is situated under the finished floor level
(D) Downdraft specialized Uplifted Tank model allows most shop the opportunity to utilize the benefits of a DOWNDRAFT SPRAY PAINTING BOOTH.
(E) Downdraft Booths are also available in conveyorised schemes for continuous painting of huge mass products such as chassis, car body, large engines, transformers, export containers, truck body cabins etc.
(F) Downdraft Central suction type down draft booth.
(G) Downdraft Single Sided.

Basic Concept (Wet Type):
The Water wash spray booth has a washing tank, which contains a water/alkali mixture to break down sticky over spray resins. The broken down resin may be collected in this tank. Booth has a vertical Water Screen to catch over spray and carry it down into the washing tank. This screen depends for its function on a circulating pump. Nozzles, Pipe works and Filters.
Modern paints however are highly resistant to alkali attack and, since the over spray particles may have only a short contact with the alkali, sticky paint enters the pump, pipe work.

Filters and Nozzle. Clogging occurs, diminishes the Booth efficiency and eventually it ceases to operate.

Air velocities are regulated to meet international pollution control norms and are maintained over Lowest Explosive Level.
The booth are usable for conveyorised applications also by providing suitable cutout on either side of the booth to suit component coming in on the conveyor tracks.

Features :-

  • Uniform Distribution of Water at Screen (Stainless Steel Screen)
  • Highly efficient & specially designed
  • Heavy MS/GI Sheets are used in construction
  • Rubber lining / Fiber lining provide inside the water tank for protection against rust. Also available S.S. Water Tank.
  • Inner side of booth painted with super white.
  • Outer side of booth painted with silver hammer tone
  • Lighting dust proof systems..