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Booth with Recovery System

Multi Cyclone

AS 510Guaranteed efficiency of 98.5% with a very long life gives the Multicyclone an edge over other powder recovery systems. The high velocity of powder in the multicyclone reduces powder sticking, so cleaning time is negligible.


Types : Front Open / Side Open / Back to Back
Recovery : Cyclone type centrifugal separator.

1. Powder Recovery: Multi-Cyclone recovery system ensures extremely high levels of powder recovery 98%.

2. Faster Color Change: The Bottom of the Booth prevents accumulation of the powder and makes it very easy for cleaning and quick Color change.

3. Efficiency & Utilizations: Due to octagonal shape of chamber air currents in side the Booth are directed towards the article, leading to high first-pass efficiency. (The result maximum utilization of powder.)

Painting / Booth Finishing Types

A) Inner side of Booth painted with super white enamel. Outer side of Booth painted with sea-green hammer tone.
B) Completely Powder Coated Booth. (Long Life Finish) Booths are available for small items & also Double Sided Booths (Back To Back ) for Long length items like Aluminium sections etc.

Blower Capacity Available :- 1600 M?/hr. to 4000 M?/hr.