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Oil-Gas Fired Ovens

Our CURING OVENS are designed in such a way so as to consume low power with a uniform temperature in the working space provided in the CURING OVENS. Our CURING OVENS are specially built and designed for Powder Curing and Liquid Curing purposes. The powder is firstly melted at a required degree of temperature for a certain time. The product is then flown out, chemically reacting so that it is completely cured and ready to use for which it is designed.

A gas burner and a fan is required for heating the inside of the CURING OVENS. The curing temperature depends on the requirement of powder materials. The material is heated by the hot air in the curing oven which helps in heating the coating. The curing time may be short or long depending upon the load of the product. Curing Oven is dependable and flexible.

Infrared radiations are used in the infrared ovens to increase the heat. The heating means in an infrared oven comprise a plurality of centrally directed infrared lamps extending from a frame member which selectively projects radiation onto the component as it passes through the leading end of the first zone. One of the key features associated with using infrared lamps in infrared ovens is that each lamp can be controlled to emit radiation at a selected efficiency between 0-100%. By controlling the efficiency of each infrared lamp, compensation for differences such as size, shape and the amounts and types of coatings used on the component.

A gas Fired Oven is generally cost benefit and efficient. Excessive air in the CURING OVEN can cause the powder to be blown off of the parts. It can also lead to damage of other parts or the walls of the CURING OVEN. In order to avoid such a turbulence the duct of the CURING OVEN is built in such a way so as to enable even distribution of heat in the CURING OVEN.

The CURING OVEN must be sized according to the mass of the product, the capacity of the burner and also be able to handle the production volume. Any unevenness in temperature may lead to uneven coloring of the product. Therefore balancing the airflow and temperature in the CURING OVEN is very essential.