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Pre Treatment 7-Tank Process
Spray Phosphating
Hot Water Generators Pretreatment

A Pretreatment Plant is an essential part of any finishing system. Dipole design and manufacture all type from basic immersion through to tunnel type spray cleaning systems. These can be manufactured in mild steel and/or stainless steel.

Metal Pretreatment
Are you looking to reduce water usage, reduce chemical cost, lower energy consumption, improve salt spray results, extend bath life, or even possibly eliminate steps in your pretreatment process?

Dipole has a team of engineers, applications specialists, and field technologists waiting to help. Whether you are preparing your parts for coating by hand, or through a mass production system, we will be able to help ease your mind and take some the pressure off that comes with running any pretreatment process.

Our complete line of metal pretreatment products includes:
. Dip (Immersion) & Spray (Tunnel type) Cleaning/Chemical Pre-treatment plants
. Any size Pretreatment tanks Or any type & shape of Components
. Material Handling through Baskets & Hoist, Cranes, Transporters etc.
. Hot Water Generators for PT Line / Plating Line
. Hot Air Drying Oven
. Wide range of Chemical Supplier are associated with our company to provide the best suitable products as per customer's requirement.
. A wide selection of cleaners / pretreatment chemicals for MS, Aluminium, other metals are available.

BASIC DESIGN for Phosphating Plant - MS Components

Sr. No Process Time Minutes Temperature In 0 C Over flow Insulation Tank
1. Degrease  5 to7  70 to 75  Occasional  50 mm 
2. Rinse-1  1 Ambient  Continuous   
3. Derusting  5 to 10  40 to 45  Occasional  50 mm 
4. Rinse-2  1   Continuous   
5. Phosphating  5 to 6 55 to 60  Occasional 50 mm 
6. Rinse-3  1 Ambient  Continuous   
7. Passivation  1 70 to 75  Occasional 50 mm 
8. Water Drying off  10 110 to 120  -------- 100 mm 
CHEMICAL HEATING SYSTEM- Electric/Oil-Gas Fired Heating system.
WATER DRYING- Hot air water Drying Oven.