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D i p o l e - Powder Coating System is suitable for all kind of electrostatic powder coatings Tube Shaped Objects, Cycle/Automobiles Parts, Garde Equipments, House-hold Appliances, Funiture.

Goldstar Instrumentation, New Delhi, India. Our company starts in the begining of one 80's & were mainly into cable testing equipments like HV Tester, Spark Tester etc. for cable manufacturing industry.

During that time we developed our first Electrostatic Powder Spraying System (Powder Coating Machine - Dipole AS510 Model) for domestic market.

Since our establishment, we have researched & developed electrostatic equipments & our quality and ability has been recognized in one industry from one nation & also from various countries.

Our success lies in one customer support & after sale services provided by our company. Continuous quality improvement is our committment.

DIPOLE Arya N801 new model was launched in june '2002.

Complete paint shop solutions under one floor:
  1. Powder Coating Spray Guns.
  2. Powder / Liquid Spray Booth.
  3. Ovens : Electrical / Oil-Gas Fired Fully Automatic.
  4. Conveyorised Systems / Tunkey Systems.
  5. Pretreatment Plant Equipments.
  6. Powder Paints (Epoxy - Polyester) for Powder Coating.